Official Successor of Cars

Fully solar electric
at > 1500 km range per charge

Acabion is so ultra efficient that it works with batteries charged by solar electricity only.

Acabion is the E = m c² of future mobility
at 1 kWh per 100 km

Acabion's true total efficiency is 25 to 50 times higher than what best electric cars provide today.

boosting all potentials by dimensions
at door to door speeds way above the Hyperloop

True innovations always share one attribute: No one could imagine them or expect them.

for unlimited progress of prosperity and sustainability
at payback levels beyond just money

Acabion gives a new dimension and meaning to the words prosperity and sustainability as such,

Hamburg Paris Hamburg 2018: > 2000 km with no recharge

Acabion shoots for a > 2000 km world record drive Hamburg Paris Hamburg with no recharge. 

We make sure we can do it technically.
If we can make it physically depends on your funding:

Support the project right here in the Funding section, or through INITIATIVE FUTURE e.V. Oldenburg.

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Any Investment will be confirmed to you in written form by certified pdf and from 1000 Eur onwards by original documents sent to you by post:

For 10 € you get your name into our Acabion Paris book ISBN registered and National Library archived to be published in late 2018.

For 100 € you will additionally get one of those books, sigend by the Acabion founder.

For 1000 € you get a test ride in the Acabion No. 1 either in Paris or in Northern Germany.

For 10 000 € you get a 30 000 € Acabion Profit Share.

For 100 000 € you get a 500 000 € Acabion Profit Share.

For 1 000 000 € you get a 7 000 000 € Acabion Profit Share.

And for 10 000 000 € you get the Acabion da Vinci F 1 as the Paris world record runner and as the officially certified first successor of cars worldwide.

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