The hyper-efficient Successors of Cars
...learning effectiveness (and speed) from nature itself.

and win the Acabion da Vinci No. 1.

Confirmed by University ETH Zurich the Acabion provides a 10 times = + 1 000 % better energy efficiency than latest electric cars. This giant progress comes with tempting dynamic potentials way beyond super sports car's capabilities and it comes with another quantum leap progress in terms of passenger cell space and comfort, too. The man behind it spent a good portion of his professional life in car industry, with companies like Ford Detroit, Porsche, Ferrari and the Mercedes-Benz Car Group, in strategic and consulting positions at board member level. But he built up high rank expert's contacts to aerospace industries, too, including Airbus and the NASA. So you really can trust the Acabion to be a serious project. Anyway: If you have further questions beyond this website's content, it will be our honor to answer.

Brief overview plus comparison to some cars:

"The Acabion is ingenious in its efficient consequence."

Prof. Dr. techn. Dr. med h.c. Ernst Fiala, mental father of the VW Golf

And here is one of the reasons why the Acabion has the potential to contribute to a much better future:

As shown, the Acabion has a fully smooth (so called laminar) airflow. And that is how it should be if you want efficient mobility. But as shown as well, cars have a 100% turbulent airflow, the latest electric ones included. Talking in numbers the laminar airflow means 8 times less energy consumption at 20 km/h and 10 times less at 100 km/h, in both cases compared to electric compact cars.

This massive conceptual design flaw of all cars causes a total loss of 3.9 Billion liters of fuel wasted in passenger road mobility EVERY DAY
 = 45 000 liters every second
day and night, 100% uselessly burned up in nothing but totally futile air turbulences, and may be in some shaking bushes along the roads.

The Acabion is our vision and it is your big chance. Don't stand aside, but get on board with us, now: Acabion started its own crowd funding in August 2014. Join in and support this tremendous chance! The Acabion was invented for you, to become your vision and your next dream-come-true of a better future! Thank you for any contribution.

Funding target: € 30 Million

(To prepare the Acabion for serial Production)


Achieved funding up to now: € 6.637.955,00

(with 6.5 Million € private money included, that was invested since 1976 by the Acabion core team itself)


Participants up to now: > 100

(Overall target is to directly involve more than one million actively funding people)


"We have the power to make this the best generation of mankind in the history of the world, or to make it the last."

John F. Kennedy

The Acabion was invented to help making this generation the best, and not the last.

          ENGAGE ! Select your Participation-Certificate:


25th of September 2014 Acabion spent 3 hours at Droste Hόlshoff Gymnasium in Berlin Zehlendorf. Wow, please let us express what an unbelievably positive impression that was! Amazing. Amazing. Amazing: An audience of say 300 young people, and the speech could be given without a microphone so quiet it was, and so friendly, so open minded and so interested. We expected it to be nice. But we would never have expected it to be close to miraculous. But absolutely miraculous it was. A big big big thank you to all staff and students at Droste Hόlshoff School. We for sure will never forget that day. And we for sure will make something out of it. A very special thanks to Christina, Elke, Jonathan, Lara, Louisa, Monika, Johann and Gianni, and to the "ten young entrepreneurs and deciders of tomorrow" who instantly invested some own money in Acabion.


In recognizing the Acabion's potential lies a huge chance and opportunity for a new beginning and for new economic power! Latest in periods of stagnation and decline, new technologies always are synonymous with an economy getting more sturdy again. Or is it wrong that computer industry provides by far more jobs to people today, than the typewriter industry ever would have seen?

Recognizing the +1000% advantage of the Acabion, the question is: why do cars still miss so much, after 130 years of car production? The answer is simple: Because all cars still follow the box-like form-tradition of the coaches, originating from the 19 th Century and long before: The box-like coach concept still determines all automotive designs from compact cars through sports-cars to SUVs. To make it clear, the next picture shows the body-frame of one of the latest electric cars of 2014:

It is made from carbon fiber. But it is still a box.

In 1850, at horse trotting pace, box-like form concepts were quite O.K.. But today, with more than one billion cars rolling around on this planet, and at much higher speeds, too, this massive conceptual design flaw causes a total loss of 3.9 Billion liters of fuel wasted in passenger road mobility EVERY DAY = 45 000 liters every second, day and night, 100% uselessly burned up in nothing but totally futile air turbulences, and may be in some shaking bushes along the roads.

The much better form concepts to learn from for the mobility of the future are (and always have been) hawks, sharks or dolphins. And may be it shows that Acabion really links up to these superior patterns.

Video showing all main functions

Please watch the next video to see that the Acabion fulfills all demands to a sturdy practical use in day to day life, too:

The sequence shows how the Acabion six-seater's steering works, how it is taken care about a highly dynamic adaptive ground clearance, how the vehicle opens its passenger cabin for entry and closes it again and how it activates its hydraulic transformer function, so that despite its total operational length of 8.32 m (needed for its hyper-effectiveness) it still fits on a 5 m parking lot. And with the new Acabion ASA System / availing sensorial antenna it is even 9.32 m that transform to fit. Next is shown how the trunk system works, and how it lifts and stores four XXL suitcases (or a full-size washing machine) by itself. A direct comparison of the passenger cabins of the Acabion Bonneville and a Mercedes S-Class 2014 with a long wheel base unveils, that the passenger compartment of the Bonneville is almost two times bigger. In the next scenes the Acabion Bonneville cargo-module / container system is presented. The container holds 5000 liters or 5 m3 of volume. As the opened container in the background shows, that is good enough for a volume of 12 (in words twelve) full size washing mashines. Of course the Acabion Bonneville will lift that container by itself. Finally a dynamic scene illustrates how the external airbag system will work to perfectly protect both, the vehicle itself and, much more than that, its passengers:

The next video gives a functional overview of the two seater Acabion da Vinci:

The Acabion is in a financial funding phase now to do the next steps towards production. We confess, a lot of money is needed: Our ultimate target is mass production of affordable Acabion crafts for anyone. With variants from two to nine seats, costing not more than today's cars do, fully electric all of them, but with ranges per charge of 1500 km and more, due to their enormous certified effectiveness. The target of mass production cannot be achieved in one step. So this projects splits in two major phases. We are in phase 1 now, and the funding focuses on this phase only: shooting to build the new technology carriers that will pave the way to mass production in the succeeding steps of a phase 2.

To make a participation in our phase 1 attractive for you, you can win our first technology carrier, the Acabion da Vinci, Serial No.1, as your reward. We will build three of them. and the two others will be used to establish the initial steps for bigger series.

If the crowd wants a change, it can make everything happen, even if it is a big task. The question is if we get enough people behind it. To make things work, we totally focus on phase 1 now, and we only ask you to participate in it. The funding target for phase 1 is floating. We contribute all we can ourselves, and if the crowd helps we are faster. The Acabion team spent 38 years of work on the project already, and 6.5 million Euro own private budget. Phase 1 include two types, the two seater da Vinci and the six seater Type Bonneville.

We try to make it. If you help we will be faster. Thank you for any support you can offer!

"The Acabion is by far the best automotive innovation I ever saw. And it is the only one that makes me hope for a better future."

A high rank manager and car-industry-expert at TόV Rheinland in Cologne.

Please watch some more videos if you like:

The next video shows how the Acabion Solar stations will work: The Acabion is in fact so efficient that it (quite in the contrary to electric cars of today's design) can be instantly operated based on pure solar energy. A solar area of only 5 times 6 m is sufficient to give an Acabion up to 50,000 km range per year. And this is valid for middle Europe Contries like Germany or Switzerland. An electric car would need the tenfold surface, which means that it would be virtually impossible to implement:

Next is shown how easily the emerging Acabions would mix with the old cars. The impression is important because it underlines the incredibly important aspect that the Acabion needs NO NEW INFRASTRUCTURE WHATSOEVER. In a mixed operation with the old cars on the old streets it would adapt to car's limited pace by a 100% and hence it would drive no faster than the old cars. It would "only" unroll its dramatic energy-saving effect and thus open the way to save 3.9 billion gallons of oil, not just once, but every day:

Rather as a technical insight the next video focuses on how the steering and the suspension system of Acabions work, and how easy they make it possible to arrange the wheels within the new "Acabion Wheel-Wings" that are most important for their overall efficiency, too:

The next sequence shows the dynamic potential that lies hidden in the Acabions. And always remember: This potential is equivalent to the efficiency of the system. The mass products are not intended to achieve this speed range, but focus on ultra-efficient mobility at today's usual pace. The technology carriers of the da Vinci segmend nevertheless will fulfill their own task: To clearly and boldly show what can be done, and where the journey of the long-term future is heading for ... :

And finally once again an Acabion technology carrier dynamic scene, now from the cockpit of the Acabion da Vinci:

Anyone who buys a certificate will automatically participate in our hottest contest of all times to win the first ever successor of cars: the Acabion da Vinci, Serial No. 1. This Century Technology Milestone represents a fortune that can be yours very soon. Your chances rise proportional to the height of your contribution. Each 5 € get you a quarter Acabion da Vinci contest ticket, each 20 € get you one full ticket, each 200 € get you ten etc.. Contest granted as one million full tickets are out there. This means for 200 € you get a 1:100 000 chance for a 56 Million € win. That chance is 140 times higher than with a 6 out of 49 lottery. The contest is under our rules & conditions, too.

"As an automotive engineer I drove high end cars like Bugattis and Ferraris all my adult life. I even worked for companies like Porsche and Mercedes as a strategic consultant for more than a decade, and yes, I loved all of that. But listen, does that mean it is forbidden to work out something totally new and much better way beyond car's intrinsic old limits? Well, I don't think so, and I honestly can't help it finding a Rafale Jet or an F16 or a Suchoi Su-37 so much more a tempting source of true inspiration than any of our (lately more and more decadent) direct descendants of the horse drawn coach."   

acabion (alias of Dr.-Ing. Peter Maskus). Radical Innovator. Inventor of the Acabion.

Following 130 years old traditions instead of adapting mobility to our today's needs is a failure that sucks global oil reserves dry, stresses out your own financial mobility budget all the time and potentially ruins this world's climate not just in one way.

BUT NOW FOR JUST € 5,00 YOU CAN SAVE THE WORLD. Not in a game or in a dream. But for real this time.


"Notary certified the Acabion is the first succeeding system to cars, worldwide."

Confirmation by two notary offices in Germany and in Switzzerland.

Preorder System

Preorder your bright future. Preorder your first Acabion now.

Download the next shown 4 pages as pdf here:  Acabion Pre-Order Papers


Facts Overview

  • 10-fold more efficient than most efficient electric cars (+1000%)
  • 100% solar electric energy based. On-board booster batteries
  • Drives on ANY road. No new infrastructure needed at all
  • Range per charge 1500 km up to > 2500 km (long range types)
  • At 20 km/h already 8 times as efficient as electric compact cars
  • First successor of cars, worldwide, notary certified
  • Awarded with the German Future-Award
  • Awarded by GQ magazine: Best mobility innovation worldwide
  • 3 times higher comfort than high-end luxury cars
  • Ultra exclusive technology carrier 'da Vinci' as Acabion Branch I
  • Mass production 'Bonneville' for anyone as Acabion Branch II

Facts Comparison

Detailed facts and comparison to some cars:

Facts Analysis: Cars waste 45 000 liters of fuel EVERY SECOND

Facts Analysis: Superiority of the Acabion concept


Before we start mass production for anyone, we will launch the ultimate road mobility technology carrier ACABION DA VINCI. The reasons are in the Acabion technology progress: Only the technology carriers will be able to set the succeeding details for a following mass production phase. And the good thing is you can win one of these initiating ultimate milestomes. Check out what you can win in this contest:


Terms & Conditions

Please read up to mark "End of Terms & Conditions".

Discounts granted as we hit mass production, refunds as profits cover it. Savings (averaged for ten years of mobility) granted as soon as you drive your Acabion instead of a car. ADDITIONAL BONUS: Who buys his certificate(s) before 25.04.2015 automatically participates in our hottest contest of all times to win the first ever successor of cars: the "Acabion da Vinci, Serial No. 1". This Century Technology Milestone represents a huge fortune that can be yours very soon. Your chances rise proportional to the height of your contribution. Each 5 € get you a quarter Acabion da Vinci contest ticket and each 20 € get you one full ticket. Contest granted as one million full tickets are sold.

Acabion spent 38 years of extremely hard work on the project so far and invested 6.5 Million Euro private money, own work not counted. There always was and still is a risk for the Acabion Team, and there is a risk for you: Discounts, Refunds, Contest and / or Savings cannot be legally enforced in any way. Your contribution is a donation to a Crowd Funding. You can win it all, Discount, Savings and Refund, if we all make this funding a big success. You can loose a little: the costs for the Certificate, if this Campaign fails. But finally you will not loose in any case becauser each Cent will be invested perfectly into building a better future. We all can only win: All funding whatsoever will be used to push the Acabion project forward in any way and as far as possible, for no one but you. But of course the best is we all take care to make this very special crowd funding story a great success. If you help just a bit, it sure will be, and both the Acabion and the refunds will come true.

End of Terms & Conditions.

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